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Investigative Journalism Education

Since the year 1995, um:ag has arranged Investigative Journalism Education with the purpose of training journalists who follow and question the news in Turkey and the world, respect the ethical principles of journalism, who are sensitive and responsible towards social issues and will continue Uğur Mumcu’s understanding of journalism.


um:ag selects through interviews among the young graduates under the age of 30, runs its corporate education on investigative journalism for 3,5 months with non-refundable grants and provides the opportunity to improve their professional experience for the ones who complete their education successfully.


Until 2021, 151 students have participated in Investigative Journalism Education on scholarship.


Many of our graduates continue to take charge in various stages of media industry.


The deadline for Investigative Journalism Education applications is 17 th December 2021.



1. The application form below will be filled out completely. Please use dark ball pen or pen, or fill the form on computer.

2. Please attach the photocopy of your bachelor’s diploma to your application form.

3. Please write the texts required on computer or type.

4. What does journalism mean to you? Please describe why you apply to this program and your expectations from it in one page.

5. Please write a news report or a composition where you discuss one of the fundamental problems of Turkey that you view as significant from a journalist’s perspective.

6. Please describe your biography, emphasizing the aspects that you find interesting in one page.

7. Which books of Uğur Mumcu have you read yet?

8. Please attach the copies of your published works, if any to the application form.

9. As a requirement of application to Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Program, the applicants need to be university graduates and under the age of 30. If the applicant has some experience in the field of journalism, it should not be more than one year. The students will be determined after face-to-face meetings, following the actualization of preselection period over the applications that is conducted by Selection Committee.

10. You need to submit the form together with the required documents to the address below, before the application deadline.


Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation Educational Department

Paris Caddesi, No:14 Kavaklıdere / Ankara / TURKEY

Phone: 0312 417 77 20 (pbx) Fax: 0312 417 57 46