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About the Foundation



um:ag was established with the purpose of providing press with the young journalists who will continue brave journalist-writer Uğur Mumcu’s understanding of journalism, who was assassinated on January 24, 1993. In addition to that purpose, um:ag also serves as a culture and art centre where people who reject mediocrity in literature, philosophy, cinema, painting and visual arts could come together.


um:ag Publications compile all works and articles of Uğur Mumcu in books and present them to the readers in order to evaluate the past and understand today. With new publications every year, um:ag introduces its research series, special series and new studies to its readers.


um:ag raises awareness that, in our country where we witness murders remaining “unidentified”, justice and democracy can only be established by the increased number of citizens who fight against impositions, pressures, intolerance, torture and injustice by organizing “Justice and Democracy Week” every year between 24 and 31 January week with the participation of several NGO’s.


um:ag Academy has been conducting training activities at İstanbul Kadir Has University Lifelong Learning Centre since 2011.


Today, um:ag stands as a distinctive culture and art centre where people freely come together, share and create with its Investigative Journalism Course, writing-philosophy-cinema workshops and seminars on the history of political thought.