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Uğur Mumcu Special Award

Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation grants “Uğur Mumcu Special Award” as a symbolic gift presented to the individuals as well as institutions that contribute to the Foundation’s objectives. This Award is a crystal globe and represents the values that Uğur Mumcu appreciated throughout his life such as being scientific, investigative, innovative, having respect for the labour and resistance, as well as his attitudes that were always towards the truth, goodness, kindness and his qualities that can be summarized as honesty, intellectualness and transparency. Uğur Mumcu was a kind of person who performed journalism almost like a work of art. Moreover, this special award given in his memory was created in Paşabahçe Bottle and Glass Factories, under the control of Prof. Dr. Önder Küçükerman. Yunus Görmüş who is the oldest and most experienced glass expert in the factory gave the award its shape after months of endeavours.


Within those crystal globes, Uğur Mumcu’s thoughts and understanding of journalism are concentrated. They are called “For a one teardrop…” and given to the individuals as well as institutions that deserve.