Uđur Mumcu   |   Uđur Mumcu’s Understanding of Journalism
Uđur Mumcu’s Understanding of Journalism

With his understanding of journalism, Uđur Mumcu is one of the pioneers of an approach that bases journalism not only on information but also on an ethical ground both in Turkey and in the world. Independent from all power elites, political parties, entities and organizations, Mumcu undertook writing and narrating the truth as his duty. He still sets an example with his understanding of journalism to the young generations. One of the articles he wrote in the early 1990s that is regarded as one of the darkest periods in Turkey’s history, is worth to share in terms of revealing his understanding of journalism:


How would you define a journalist? Who is the journalist, what does s/he do? What is his/her function? Is journalist a person arguing ideas in every field, knowing everything? No. How can a journalist know everything?


Let me make a definition from my point of view:


- Journalist is a person who reaches the news and information source in shortest time possible and who presents this news and information s/he gathered to the readers.


In order to achieve this mission, the journalist must write articles based on news, events, concepts, documents and information, which requires the journalist to be a reliable person. The journalist has to keep secrets, s/he should know how to keep the sources of news and information confidential, and should dare to dispute with the governments and powers when necessary.


Milliyet, May 3, 1992


Against the power elites that try to manipulate the reality, Uđur Mumcu regarded standing with the truth and reality not only as an activity of a journalist but also as a life principle and lived accordingly. It was exactly the reason behind the will to squelch him. It is because of his determination and ambition that, after his death, through the colleagues following his footsteps, he continues to speak and write about the truth.